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    The Good Life Book

    A Professional's Guide to Happiness, Balance and Meaning, by Brett Cowell

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    To make the world a kinder, fairer and more sustainable place.

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    Happiness, Balance and Meaning

    What is The Good Life Book about?

    The Good Life Book is about taking stock of your life so that you can improve it. It is about potential, identity and redemption. It is about living a good life, not just a successful one. It is about growth.


    It’s not until you really look at your life that you realize what can and must be done. It’s not until you really look at your own life that you realize that you’re able to change the world, starting with yourself.


    The Good Life Book is about helping professionals and leaders to reach their potential and have a positive impact in the world. To feel alive and live without regrets...

    The Five Pillars - Brett Cowell

    How is The Good Life Book different?

    Instead of a feel-good approach, The Good Life Book provides a structured and actionable step-by-step "be-good" approach to living a happier, more balanced and more meaningful life. The case study in the book describes the author's real-life transition from a successful corporate career to a more creative and meaningful life - CEO and founder of startup Total Life Complete and host of an international podcast by the same name.

    Brett Cowell - The Good Life Book, Dallas, Texas

    The Author

    After a short career in public radio and the music/entertainment industry Brett began an almost two decade career as an international management consultant. He worked around the world–in more than 25 countries–with many of the largest global blue-chip companies. Seeking the answer to "what next?" Brett embarked on what turned out to be a three year quest to answer the most important questions of all: What is a good life, and how do we live it?


    Brett lives with his wife and children in Dallas, Texas.

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  • The Good Life Book on Amazon.com by Brett Cowell. Number 1 new release in Amazon Work-life balance category.

    Reviews of The Good Life Book

    "In this very personal book, Brett draws on his own experiences to provide a handy guide to professionals seeking a different approach to their lives." --Martin Cook NED, Angel Investor and Musician.

    "A must-read, not only for people in transition, but also for successful professionals who at some point in their careers are willing to take a step back and define what really counts for them to align their professional lives with their real aspirations, core values and beliefs. Brett Cowell takes you through his consulting methodology to give you the tools to perform your own diagnosis, set your own path towards a good life and stay on track, and finally take action to get there . Be ready to be finally happy!" -- International CFO


    Feedback from group presentation:

    "I admire your strength and determination to address the burning platform within, and the steps you took to follow your heart and share your gifts with others. You did a great job presenting to our group yesterday!" - Group participant

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    An experience that changed my life

    What led to Brett writing The Good Life Book

    Single experiences can change the direction of our lives. In this audio I describe one such experience that solidified my purpose to help others live better lives. Sign up to the mailing list below to get the first two chapters of my book for free.

    The Good Life Book - Introduction

    Read by Brett Cowell, with music

    The complete introduction to The Good Life Book


    Additional tools, templates, summaries and examples.

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    A Good Life is for Everyone

    Brett describes how The Good Life Book approach can be used by anyone.

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