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The master list of supporting content for The Good Life Book

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Master list of additional resources

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Most popular/Top 5 resources:

1. Audio "An experience that changed my life". on SoundCloud HERE.

2. The ABC model HERE 

3. Want passion read this! HERE

4. Help with the "What does good look like" 1-5 exercises HERE


The ABC model HERE

Desc: An overview of the ABC performance coaching model. Visualize, Organize and Track your personal transformation journey.


Want passion read this! HERE

Desc: An extended look at the Three Circles


Help with the What does good look like exercises HERE

Desc: Some of you have gotten stuck on these exercises, here's some detailed help!



V001 - A Good Life is for Everyone - Brett Cowell on YouTube HERE

Desc: Brett describes how the principles and approach in the book apply to wide range of people.


V002 - The ABC model of personal change - Brett Cowell on YouTube HERE

Desc: Brett gives an overview of the ABC model, an effective model of personal change



A001 - An experience that changed my life - Brett Cowell on SoundCloud HERE



1. Diagrams. HERE

Desc: Printable PDF of diagrams in The Good Life Book in template format.


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