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Help with "What does good look like?" exercises

A framework for knowing and getting what you need out of life

· Life Improvement,Happiness,Meaning

Document purpose:

  • The “What does good look like?” (WDGLL) method seeks to help you to know, and get more quickly what you need out of life, by creating a “look and feel” of the desirable future state of key parts of your life, and also building self-insight
  • The attached PDF document is intended to support your completion of key steps in the WDGLL method i.e. the Life Score question in Chapter 4 of The Good Life Book and the “What does good look like?” questions in each of Chapters 5-9 of the book, relating to the Five Pillars of Vocation, People, Health, Spirit and Expression
What does good look like? The Good Life Book - guidance.
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