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Circles help: Yoga, Food, Language

OK, here is something that we are experimenting with. The Good Life Book contains an exercise to help understand your passions. You list three things that you are passionate about and then look for overlaps between all three that can become a job or life direction, a new hobby or at the very least something that you must remind yourself to devote energy to in order to get energy back from.

"Solving" your circles involves exploring different ways and forms to engage with each circle individually or in combination. Often it's easier to solve other's circles that in is our own. So why not help each other out?

If you have creative suggestions for a fellow goodife-er on how to make their circles a greater and more rewarding part of their life then why not share them now, even better, contact us and let us share your circles with others.

Circles help requested. Female seeks actions and activities that involve the intersection of Yoga, Food and Language. Any ideas?

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